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AT LEAST 10,000 young children have been dragged from their families and needlessly adopted due to a flawed target at the heart of Government, it was claimed last night.
Vulnerable children were handed over in their thousands under a New Labour crusade driven by artificial adoption targets.
A top Oxford academic yesterday branded the policy as Tony Blair’s worst mistake.
The expert in social work who did not want to be named said: “Forget the Iraq War. “Blair’s adoption target was the reason I left the Labour party.” Last night backing came from MP John Hemming, who said the policy led to the unnecessary adoption of 1,000 children every year.
He claims the target set 11 years ago was flawed from the outset because it contained a fundamental error of maths and he has called for a full Parliamentary inquiry to prevent further damage.


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Surrey social services ‘as bad’ as Baby P council
Social workers have warned there could be another Baby P scandal in Surrey after the county council’s children’s services were rated the joint worst in Britain.

Ian MacDonald, a social worker who is lead convenor of the Childrens’ Services branch of UNISON in Surrey, told the Herald that he and his colleagues are spending more than 60% of their time on paperwork and children are being put in danger as a result.

And union bosses added they were outraged that two social workers have been suspended and more than 50 are under review for not reaching performance targets – which they claim are counter-productive.

A letter from UNISON, the union representing Surrey’s social workers, to Surrey County Council has warned that staff are extremely concerned that the horrific death of Baby P (pictured) after months of neglect could be repeated in the county.

Mr MacDonald said: ”There is always the chance of a Baby P happening in Surrey when social workers don’t have the time to properly evaluate families and children.”

“Social workers in Surrey are doing a very good job in very difficult circumstances but there will always be a danger if we can’t concentrate on the direct work with the children. It’s becoming an untenable position and it’s dangerous. ”

The warning comes after the Audit Commission ranked Surrey’s education and social care as inadequate in a report published on Thursday March 5.

The council was only joined at the bottom of the table by Doncaster, Milton Keynes and Haringey – which was embroiled by the Baby P scandal last year.

The Surrey union also passed a motion at January’s AGM warning that social workers were handling unacceptably heavy case loads and being pressured to prioritise financial needs over the interests of children.

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Children Are Being Abused By The State social services And Parents, Foster Parents Child Carers etc. Social Services, cafcass, child protection services need to do more checks so mistakes don’t happen again. children being abused or at a high risk of being abused need to be removed, children that are safe in their parents care should stay at home. No excuses Children Should Be Safe, Weather In Care or At Home.

Let’s Change The Law, For The Better!

If Your an Adult or Child and Have Problems with Social Services, Please Visit

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CHILD protection officials failed to recognise the danger to a toddler who was tortured and killed by her stepfather, a report said yesterday.

But social services chiefs said lessons will be learned from her death in a bid to ensure it does not happen again.

A report into the death of the two-year-old said there was ‘a failure to recognise indicators of risk’.

The review of the case of the child called Lois also found that even when a risk assessment was undertaken it was ‘inadequate’.

Officials in charge of social services in Caerphilly county, where Lois lived with her mother and stepfather, said staff training and support had now been improved and procedures strengthened.

Lois, who lived on Caerphilly’s Lansbury Park estate, died on November 8, 2004, from a head injury. She had been placed on the child protection register a month earlier.

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Kylie Minogue has joined with NSPCC and ChildLine in support of a new campaign to raise funds for abused children, The Child’s Voice Appeal.

The services received 2.3 million calls in the last year from more than half a million kids needing help.

Many reported calling several times just to get through to a counsellor.

The appeal aims to fund up to 15 extra call centres next year, and boost volunteers by about 600 to help get to every call first time.

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Cafcass today publishes a report examining the health and wellbeing of young people in care.

The report found that young people in care were happy but they sometimes felt the affects of stress, wanted better advice on relationships and they wanted more support to eat healthily for instance in foster or children’s homes

Based on a research event organised by the Cafcass Children’s Rights Team, the report outlines what young people in care feel about their health and wellbeing. The report was researched in collaboration with Professor Adrian James from the Centre for the Study of Childhood and Youth, University of Sheffield; and evaluated by independent research provider

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