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AT LEAST 10,000 young children have been dragged from their families and needlessly adopted due to a flawed target at the heart of Government, it was claimed last night.
Vulnerable children were handed over in their thousands under a New Labour crusade driven by artificial adoption targets.
A top Oxford academic yesterday branded the policy as Tony Blair’s worst mistake.
The expert in social work who did not want to be named said: “Forget the Iraq War. “Blair’s adoption target was the reason I left the Labour party.” Last night backing came from MP John Hemming, who said the policy led to the unnecessary adoption of 1,000 children every year.
He claims the target set 11 years ago was flawed from the outset because it contained a fundamental error of maths and he has called for a full Parliamentary inquiry to prevent further damage.


National Anti-Forced Adoption Week Against BAAF; 10th November 2008 until 16th November 2008

This is the week that BAAF, The local authority, CAFCASS, CORAM, Social Services and other government bodies launch a week of events to encourage people to adopt.
We need to spoil their week so less children are stolen to forced adoption. 10 – 16 November 2008.
 BAAF working to find A way to split families up, so children can be stolen all year round. Every November we draw the nation’s attention in stealing more children. Each year they Campaign to steal more children
BAAF, Social Services, Solicitors, Judges, the Government All Steal Your Children From You!
There are opportunities to Email Your Local Social Services to Tell Them about Your Own Account Of How They Steal Children. In all aspects of forced-adoption.

They Are Stealing More Children Than Ever, Remember We Need To Spoil Their Plans!